COVID-19 Statement 

ICR.IAS JV remains fully committed to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, clients and business partners, whilst striving to maintain essential service provisions through these challenging times.  While assuring you of our proactivity in all related areas, our decisions and actions will continue to follow the mandates and directions of our State and Federal Government Agencies.

The success of the ICR.IAS JV as a Company has stemmed from our ability to deliver high quality services that restore or extend the performance of our client’s production-critical infrastructure. Our mission and commitment have not changed as a result of the current Pandemic and we remain willing and fully able to support new and existing customers as they seek to maintain business continuity.

All current business activities are governed by our COVID-19 Emergency Response Team which includes our entire Senior Management Team and has considerable emergency response experience. Major industry Clients have already recognised that our current level of preparedness is at the absolute forefront of industry response, operating within the following robust framework;

  • COVID-19 - Disease Management Policy.
  • COVID-19 - Disease Management Plan.
  • COVID-19 - IAS Group Essential Service Provider Status.
  • COVID-19 - Essential Service Request form for IAS Clients.
  • COVID-19 - Bridging Document for Essential/Critical Project Execution under Travel & Border Crossing Restrictions

Only our core Operational Staff remain at our Perth Facility with all other Staff members working effectively from home via teleconferencing.  We have made provisions for minimising all elements of employee physical contact and implemented appropriate hygiene and social distancing measures to ensure that we protect employees, stop the spread of the virus and deliver on our service commitments to our clients.

Furthermore, we are preparing to work under a new business models that will enable more innovative solutions to the resourcing, supply chain and logistical challenges that are being faced by our Clients, whilst recognising that all related risks must still be mitigated effectively to ALARP standards.

During these unprecedented circumstances, we will continue to be considerate of the broader community, in particular the elderly and those who are most vulnerable in our society.


For enquiries, our telephone and email systems continue to operate as normal. | +61 (08) 9334 9444


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