Ammonia Tank Dual Nozzle Composite Repair


The line had the following specifications:

Structure Dual Nozzle
Surface Preparation Sa2.5
Class Approval N/A
Design Pressure 19.6 bar
Design Temperature -5 to 90 °C
Application Temperature 30 °C
Design Life 20 years
Wrap Length 470mm
Pipe Diameter 2" and 4"
Geometory Wrap over flange
Corrosion Type External
Defect Details 50mm axial, full circumferential (wall thinning)



An instrumentation spool located on an Ammonia Storage Tank had severe wall thinning on both outlets of a flange. A unique layup method had to be devised to ensure that both defects could fall under a Technowrap™ engineered composite design.


  • Technowrap 2K™ HA system with temperature resistance up to 90°C
  • Flexible and rapid response providing an engineered composite solution
  • Innovative layup procedure to account for the separated landing zones


  • No hot work and avoided the need for shutdown
  • The composite design was a long term solution to repair the corrosion
  • Repair completed in a difficult area with minimal additional safety requirements

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