Technowrap Cleat Testing

Internationally recognised and accredited, TechnowrapTM adds exceptional strength to both your equipment and structures.

In this video we have used a composites Pull-off Strength Test. This test was designed to demonstrate to a client how our TechnowrapTM Cold-bonding approach exceeded the clients shear and pull-off load requirements.

The client wanted to test various methodologies to withstand 3.92kN Shear and 2.94N Axial Pull-off. Multiple tests were undertaken focusing on three different composite 'layup' methods. Each 'layup' method involved a differing combination of glass and carbon fibre, as well as glass fibre or carbon fibre only samples. A range of methods were tested to ascertain the optimum configuration to withstand client requirements.

Testing was carried out in-house and used a custom lifting jig. The jig lifted the required weight for 5 minutes followed by a test to failure of each of the samples.

The ICR.IAS JV is able to design and execute testing to meet all our clients needs. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our TechnowrapTM testing program. 

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Need a solution?

Leave your contact details along with any relevent project descriptions and photos, and we will get back to you with a solution.

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