Corrosion Under Pipe Support Composite Repair


The repairs had the following specifications:

Design Pressure 4,140kPa
Outer Diameter 80mm
Structure Lean Oil Make-Up Line
Surface Preparation Sa2.5
Installation No Hot Work
Class Approval N/A
Design Temperature 65 °C
Design Life 5 years
Loads Crush load at pipe support considered in the design
Geometory Straight
Corrosion Type External corrosion at pipe support
Defect Details 400mm x 100mm Designed for full section loss over 600mm through wall



A rapid turn around with no shut down repair was required on a gas plant 80NB line. At the pipe support corrosion had occurred and an immediate repair was required that would provide a permanent repair solution.
In this case the operator required a 5 year design with Technowrap™ over external corrosion including an existing welded patch plate repair .


  • Heat tapes were used for rapid control of cure, reducing down time
  • Site crew able to provide surface preparation and Technowrap™ repair
  • Full section loss design, no steel allowance for loads of leak sealing over 600mm section
  • Stops any further external corrosion


  • Low cost and rapid scope delivery
  • No hot work.
  • Full leak sealing, pressure containment and load carrying capacity
  • Technowrap™ repairs are able to be monitored and inspected over the life of the repair, often the repair life can be extended based on desktop engineering

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