Composite Repair Of A High Temperature Fuel Gas Line


At an offshore facility in Western Australia, internal and external corrosion was discovered on a high temperature fuel gas line. A repair solution was required that could provide structural remediation and withstand high temperatures over a 20-year design life.


The line had the following specifications:

Structure Pipe elbow
Surface Preparation ST3
Design Pressure 3.5 bar
Design Temperature -6ºC - 204ºC
Application Temperature 25ºC
Design Life 20 years
Repair Length 564mm
Pipe Diameter 60.3mm
Damage Mechanism Internal and external corrosion
Defect Details 300 mm Circumferential (through wall)

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  • Technowrap™ 2K glass fibre with high temperature resin was used to provide structural capability at up to 220°C
  • The use of composites over other methods (i.e. welding) allowed for a combined structural repair & corrosion protection solution with a design life of 20 years


  • Exceptional material durability at high temperature
  • Safety – No sparks or naked flames
  • Cost – Comparable to a low-temperature composite repair

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