Technowrap Cryogenic Testing

TechnowrapTM is tested and field proven for low temperature pressure containment to -70°C. The cryogenic testing of TechnowrapTM has exceeded expectations of the leak sealing capability of TechnowrapTM at low temperatures. 

Pressure testing of 25mm holes in spools was used to test the Energy Release Rate (ERR). The reduction in ERR Lower Confidence Limit (LCL) for -60°C compared to ambient conditions was less than 10%. 

This reduction is significantly higher than de-rating applied by ISO and ASME repair codes. 

The ICR.IAS JV's rapid testing program of TechnowrapTM can provide results within weeks. TechnowrapTM composite repair solution is used for pressure containment and structural reinstatement in a variety of environmental conditions. 

Our continued innovation keeps us at the forefront of technological advances. TechnowrapTM  engineered composite repair systems have emerged as a preferred alternative to converntional steel hot work repairs. We are dedicated to continue to the continous improvement of our products and processes. For more information on the ICR. IAS Joint Venture testing program, contact us. 

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