Live Tank Repair

The ICR. IAS Joint Venture team have undertaken multiple engineered composite repair solutions on floating tank roofs, floors and walls. Our proven composite repair solutions are applicable to structural loads and ideal for complex geometry in any environmental conditions.

These repairs have included leak sealing, surface preparation and specialised coating systems all delivered by our highly trained and experienced technicians. In these cases, TechnowrapTM is used as a high integrity structural steel replacement option.

TechnowrapTM has been used as a full floor replacement solution in cases where there is full steel loss with through wall defects greater than 400 mm diameter. TechnowrapTM provides long term corrosion protection while reinstating the original strength of the steel for long term integrity. Small teams of highly trained technicians are used to complete this work.

These composite repairs are fully ISO and API code compliant and can be completed with no disruption to the operation of the facility as there is no hot work required.

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Need a solution?

Leave your contact details along with any relevent project descriptions and photos, and we will get back to you with a solution.

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