Firewater Tank Floor Reinforcement


The tank and repair had the following specifications:

Structure Carbon Steel Tank
Surface Preparation Sa 2.5
Design Pressure 2 bar
Design Temperature 60 °C
Application Temperature 10 °C - 20 °C
Design Life 20 years
Surface Area 180sqm
Tank Diameter 13.7m
Geometory Tank floor, walls and nozzles/manways
Corrosion Type Internal



Rapid reinstatement of a firewater tank floor for corrosion protection and localized structural damage. API, ISO and ASME code requirements were met for structural and coating locations.
The repair covered all obstructions on the floor and in the lower wall section. The inspection regime for the TechnowrapTM is the same as the steel tank requirements.


  • 2 layers of TechnowrapTM applied to the tank floor, extending 500mm up the tank walls.
  • An integrated team comprising ICR.IAS JV technicians and client personnel delivered the work. Surface preparation and confined space recovery provided by the client, with ICR.IAS JV team applying TechnowrapTM


  • 20 year asset life extension
  • Structural reinforcement and corrosion prevention in one application.
  • No volatile organic compounds, no heavy/sharp steel sections, no hot work.
  • A crew of 4 applied the repair over 10 days
  • The repair and underlying steel can be inspected by readily available NDT techniques

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