FPSO Produced Water Line Repairs


The produced water line repair had the following specifications:

Design Pressure 1,650kpa
Class Approval ABS
Design Temperature 80 °C
Application Temperature 50 °C
Design Life 10 years
Surface Preparation Sa2.5
Wrap Length 1,200mm
Pipe Diameter 324mm
Geometory Elbow
Corrosion Type Internal
Defect Details 20mm Hole (through-wall)



A produced water system on an FPSO was experiencing internal corrosion in a number of locations. To ensure there was no production loss, the repairs across 10 locations needed to be completed while the system was live. This required surface preparation, repair application and final coating to occur at the operational temperature of 500C. Due to the internal corrosion rate, the repair was required to seal a potential through wall defect at the size of a 20mm hole. This solution also required ABS class approval for a design life of 10 years.


  • Technowrap 2KTM HA system with temperature resistance up to 900C;
  • Application at 500C by experienced and skilled specialist technicians;
  • Design to accommodate significant internal corrosion over the life of the repair;
  • 10 year design life;
  • ABS class approval;
  • Complete repair to a live line without production loss.


The surface preparation utilized low dust dry abrasive with controlled surface impact so that thin walled live line blasting could take place.
All repairs had to be completed while the system was live at 500C which meant that the wrap application had to be smooth and quick while ensuring that the required QA/QC checks were met.

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