Technowrap High Humidity Dent Repair


The repairs had the following specifications:

Design Pressure 15300kPa
Diameter (NB) 50mm - 600mm
Surface Preparation Sa2.5
Installation Remote access, humidity over 90%
Design Temperature 66 °C
Design Life 10 years
Defect Type Dent
Defect Size 50mm - 500mm
Geometory Straight and elbow
Crew Size 2



Due to wide spread rock falls, an operator had various pipelines with dent damage. Across diameters ranging from NB 600mm to 50mm. The structural and pressure containing serviceability of these lines required reinstating. Additionally the location had humidity over 90% and regular rain.


  • Technowrap subsea system was used so that humidity and rain did not delay the installation
  • Works completed live without hot work
  • 2k, glass fibre, was used to enable existing inspection systems to continue being used
  • Designs updated immediately with information fed back from site during installation
  • Supported by third party testing to verify design methodology


  • Rapid response engineering from local office
  • Inspection options fully retained for both Technowrap and underlying steel
  • Long term solution
  • A crew of two supervisors (ISO24817 compliant) allowed for multiple scope locations to be performed at once

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