HT Crude Surge Tank Nozzle


The line had the following specifications:

Design Pressure 1,960kpa  
Design Temperature 121 °C  
Application Temperature 60 °C  
Surface Preparation Sa2.5  
Design Life 2 years  
Wrap Length 650mm  
Pipe Diameter 60.3mm  
Corrosion Type Internal/through wall  
Defect Details 150mm circumferential slot (complete section loss)  
Geometry Tee (and wrap over valve body)  



A valve on a crude surge tank had developed a through wall defect in one spot and the surrounding area had minimal wall thickness. The nozzle and valve needed to remain operational, the through wall defect area was sealed using walker technical techno putty before the valve and nozzle were wrapped landing on the tank surface. The temperature requirement of the HT resin required a heat tape to provide an elevated temperature (80oC) cure.


The main challenge for this repair was to ensure the TechnowrapTM design was appropriate for the geometry with limited landing areas around the valve and nozzle arrangement. This meant designing for a 150mm circumferential, through wall defect. Other challenge's included high tank surface temp and multiple vacuum applications to the tank surface.


  • Technowrap 2KTM HT system with temperature capability up to 220oC;
  • A start-up design was used to bring the line on live as early as possible (saving two days);
  • Heat tape required for elevated temperature cure;
  • Design for complex geometry;
  • Vacuum application techniques;
  • Versatility by delivering by a patch solution rather than a typical wrap repair. This created a more cost effective solution whilst still achieving the desired outcome.

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