Live Leak Full Encapsulation Repair


Structure Valve, elbow, clamp
Load Requirements Yes - full system loads
Outer Diameter 33.4mm
Design Pressure 690kpa
Design Temperature 40 C
Application Temp. 10 C
Design Life 5 Years
Surface Preparation ST3 - only at the ends of the repair for 200mm
Wrap length 2 500mm
Fibre Layers 8
Corrosion Type External Corrosion
Defect Details Through wall - circumferential slot
Geometry Complex over structure performed half pipes


ICR.IAS JV was engaged to provide a live leak repair over a severely corroded flange, clamp, elbow and cold chiller line. ICR.IAS JV site team provided a turnkey solution for the client to meet a rapid turn around requirements and manage risks which included the line breaking off due to being so thin from wall loss. There were large sections which were not surface prepared and had pre-cured Technowrap sections applied initially to strengthen the line before the full wrap repair was applied.


  • Technowrap 2KTM HA system with temperature resistance up to 1000C.
  • Complex geometry application according to ISO 24817 and designed for full structural loads.
  • Staged approach to manage the risks associated with existing leaks and the potential for the line to break (very thin wall).
  • A range of resin systems used to manage sweating pipe, leak sealing and pre-formed pipe sections.
  • Detailed engineering and risk assessment completed in-house as part of the planning and work pack development.


  • One site team to provide structural repairs, leak sealing, surface preparation and long term Technowrap solution.
  • Structural requirements met within pipe repair design and code approved.
  • Rapid turn around of engineering and application services.

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