Live Leak Seal on a High Temperature Amine Line


The line had the following specifications:

Structure Amine Line
Surface Preparation Sa2.5
Class Approval N/A
Design Pressure 5 bar
Design Temperature 95 °C
Application Temperature 60 °C
Design Life 5 years
Wrap / Repair Length 420mm
Pipe Diameter  40"
Geometory Reducer
Corrosion Type Weld Crack
Defect Details 15mm circumferential crack



A 40” Amine Line had suffered stress cracking in the weld line due to vibration and loading conditions during operation. This stress cracking had lead to a through wall defect which the ICR.IAS JV technicians were able to provide a live leak seal without loss of production. 
The ICR.IAS JV engineers were able to design a composite repair solution to withstand the loading/vibration conditions with the application completed whist the plant was still in operation.


  • Technowrap™ 2K HT system with temperature capability up to 220°C
  • Carbon Fibre (SRS) selected due to its increased structural rigidity
  • Limited landing design to fit within geometric constraints


  • A live leak seal allowed the line to remain in production avoiding unnecessary shutdown
  • Quick turnaround from consultation and engineering through to site mobilisation and execution
  • Chemical compatibility with line medium removing any risk of future degradation

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