Quickflange installation on an Ammonia Line


The line had the following specifications:

Structure Tank Flare system
Line Media Ammonia
Design Pressure 21 Bar
ANSI Rating Class #150
Design Temperature -33 to100 °C
Design Code ASME B31.3
Schedule / Wall Thinkness Sch 80
Material and Grade A333-6 Carbon Steel
Flange materials/specifications A105N Carbon Steel
Geometory Straight
Orientation Horizontal



An ammonia line had internal corrosion on a very difficult to reach section of a tank flare system.
The ICR.IAS JV were able to solve the problem by removing the corroded section and undertaking a Quickflange™ installation using one of our trained specialists under full breathing apparatus (BA).


  • Flanges specified and tested through DNV approved process
  • Fully BA trained QuickflangeTM specialist to fit with safety requirements
  • Adjusted installation procedure to include a secondary isolation point as requested by the client


  • No hot work required to complete the repair
  • Completed in one (1) day, reducing shutdown time
  • No welding preparation, inspection or habitat requirements

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