Quickflange used for Spool Replacement on Live Deck


The repair had the following specifications:

Structure Drencher System (1" and 2")
Class Approval DNV
Design Pressure 16 bar
Design Temperature 90 °C
Design Code ASME B31.1
Schedule / Wall Thickness (WT) 2.5mm
Flange materials/specification  EEMUA 145 (CuNi)
Geometory Various built up on deck
Defect Details External damage to multiple locations 



A drencher system had suffered significant impact damage in multiple locations on a floating production system (FPSO). A combination of spools were cut and installed on the offshore facility using Quickflange.
The installation was completed over a 5 day period without impacting on hydrocarbon production as there was no requirement for hot work. 


  • Turnkey solution provided to client with engineering, drafting and spool fabrication completed onshore followed by installation offshore using  Quickflange.
  • Multiple locations were completed quickly and with reduced cost impacts. 


  • No hot work
  • Short time on site, 5 days with 2 technicians to complete 5 spools replacements and 14 flange installations.
  • DNV approved and ASME code compliant

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