Small Bore Fitting Vibration Damping


The repairs had the following specifications:

Structure Small bore fittings
Surface Preparation ST3
Installation No hot work
Design Temperature 5°C - 90 °C
Application Temperature 30 °C
Design Life 20 years
Geometry Straight
QA/QC Rapid low cost engineering with close out QA



Traditional clamping solutions to mitigate vibration of small bore fittings were either not effective or were not a permanent  solution. ICR.IAS JV conducted a rapid development, prototype and deployment program of our Vibration Bracing product as a successful solution to mitigate vibration.

All development and engineering was conducted in-house as we worked with the operator over a 6 month period to deliver the successful product, which has now been rolled out widely across multiple assets.


  • Flexible and rapid response to engineering problem  for applying structural adhesives
  • Established workflow for low cost delivery
  • Structural adhesives and composites for a no hot  work, no corrosion solution
  • Can be applied by a wide range of trades with a  short training program


  • Low cost and rapid scope identification to solution
  • No hot work.
  • Long term solution
  • Supported by appropriate test data to meet client  defined success criteria

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