Structural Steel Strengthening of I-Beams on Mine Site


The structural steel had the following specifications:

Structure Steel I-beams of various sizes
Surface Preparation Sa 2.5
Design Temperature 65 °C
Application Temperature 35 °C
Design Life 5 years
Repair Length Approx 50m
Weight of Repair Approx 300kg
Corrosion Type Through wall and surface
Defect Details - Complete loss of cross section to top and bottom flanges and webat localised areas
- General loss of cross section throughout
- Corrosion of connection plates and bolts
- Coating deterioration


Critical structural steel I-beams at a mine site had suffered significant loss of cross section, reducing their structural capacity. The composite repair was required to restore the beams to their original capacity and prevent future corrosion of the steel substrate.


  • Highly skilled team of wrapping specialists with experience in application of laminates to complicated geometries operating around the clock for 24 hour delivery in confined space conditions
  • Technowrap™ High Ambient (HA) used with vacuum bagging to address accelerated resin curing times (30°C at night) and complex geometry
  • Combination of Technowrap 2K™ HA system and Technowrap™ Structural Rehabilitation System (SRS) used to restore the structural capacity of the beams.
  • Surface preparation, Technowrap™ and final coating delivered as part of turn key project


  • Repair completed during a shut-down of the mine site with ongoing simultaneous operations adjacent to the work area
  • Technowrap designed to resist high heat and cyclonic conditions in the desert.
  • Optimal sequencing of works to ensure preparation completed during day shift and Technowrap™ application completed during night shift
  • Onsite engineering presence to manage unscheduled interruptions to works due to other shut-down maintenance works

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