Tank Roof – Surface refresh & pressure containing repairs


The repair had the following specifications:

Structure Tank Roof
Scope Technowrap pressure containment repairs and protective coating refresh
Surface Preparation Sa2.5
Technowrap Fibre  Carbon (triaxial)
Glass (triaxial)
Design Pressure 0.14 bar
Design Temperature 75°C
Design Life 20 years
Wrap /Repair Length 500 mm square patches
Number of Patches 18
Defect Diameter 50mm
Defect Type Multiple through wall defects
Design Code ISO 24817




The roof of a 14m diameter Ammonia Tank had experienced significant wall thinning due to external corrosion and coating breakdown. TechnowrapTM patches were applied in accordance with ISO 24817 to defect locations requiring pressure containment and the whole tank roof coating was refreshed. ICR.IAS JV supplied a 4 man multi-skilled team able to perform “low dust” blasting surface preparation, coating and TechnowrapTM repairs.


  • Combination of TechnowrapTM fibre types used to deliver the pressure containment and structural requirements, minimizing material and labour costs
  • A multi-skilled integrated site team to reduce costs
  • SpongeJetTM low dust dry abrasive blasting
  • Over coated existing paint and TechnowrapTM repairs for continuous high performance coating system


  • Pressure containing patch repairs that do not corrode
  • High QA/QC delivered through NACE 2 & 3 team
  • No hot work required to complete the repair
  • No shut-down required, maintaining platform productivity
  • 20 year TechnowrapTM patch repair warranty

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