Technowrap™ Long-Term Repair to a Buried Oil Supply Line


The line had the following specifications:

Structure Oil Supply 8" Line
Surface Preparation Sa2.5
Class Approval N/A
Substrate Material Carbon Steel
Design Pressure 60 bar
Design Temperature 60 °C
Application Temperature 30 °C - 40°C
Design Life 10 years
Wrap Length 3.8 meters
Geometory Wrap over previous repair
Corrosion Type Internal
Defect Details Modelled as max 15x15mm hole



The client contacted ICR.IAS JV about significant internal corrosion defects on the underground oil supply pipeline. The repair strategy and landing were also designed to include a previous non-Technowrap™ composite repair. ICR.IAS JV applied a 14-layer Technowrap™ 2k Glass Fibre repair to numerous defect locations along the buried pipe.


  • Technowrap™ 2k Glass Fibre with HA (High Ambient) Resin system was chosen due to the design temperatures and location requirements.
  • Wrapping over the existing non-Technowrap™ repair was necessary due to the location of the defects on the pipeline.
  • Challenging working environment with ambient temperatures exceeding 400C causing shorter working times with resin. This was mitigated with improved work setup to suit faster application.


  • Repairs completed online with no line shutdown necessary.
  • Higher temperatures assisted with curing.
  • Custom work area set up enabled Technicians to efficiently perform application.
  • Technowrap™ as a long term solution for internal corrosion defects on the buried oil supply pipe.

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